New technology to benefit high street

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PIONEERING retail technology is hoped to be launched in Skegness, coinciding with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, adding an exciting new dimension to the town’s shopping appeal.

The Skegness Partnership intends for the resort to become a front-runner in bringing Tik Tap technology to the high street - an innovative scheme offering reward points and special deals to smartphone users.

Town centre manager Stefan Krause said: “Shoppers have taken advantage of the internet to search for deals and buy online which has had a detrimental affect on the Skegness high street and one we would like to reverse.

“We want to use new mobile technologies and in store experiences and offers to bring shoppers back.

“Tik Tap builds the bridge between, mobile, online and town centre shopping to help get shoppers back into our local businesses.”

Tik Tap, which has been developed by the same company that introduced the Orange Wednesdays scheme, enables shoppers to take advantage of two-for-one offers, discounts and rewards, by tapping their smartphone over a Tik Tap pod at the point of sale.

Mr Krause believes that major chains and supermarkets will have incorporated the technology into their loyalty schemes before long, but believes Skegness will be ahead of the game when it launches it in time for the Diamond Jubilee.

He said: “As a small town with a huge customer base, Skegness is an ideal location to pioneer this technology - people will remember Skegness as the first place do this - months ahead of the competition.”

Google has estimated that more than half of the UK population will own a smartphone by the end of this year and a recent survey revealed that more than 71 per cent of customers said they wanted coupons and offers sent directly to their phones - making Tik Tap an ideal way of capitalising on this trend.

As well as benefiting from enhanced marketing capabilities and a wider customer base, businesses implementing this scheme can also increase their understanding of their customers’ shopping habits.

Mr Krause added: “Tik Tap will support entrepreneurs in Skegness by providing them with intelligence about how customers are shopping, enabling them to stock the goods in their shop to meet that demand.”

If the Skegness Partnership is not successful in launching the scheme in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations on June3, it is confident Tik Tap can be launched by July at the very latest.