New approach to promote Skegness

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A PARTNERSHIP approach to marketing Skegness has been proposed by town councillors who claim the current methods are failing to deliver.

The proposal comes after councillors took the view that the Skegness Town and Area Marketing Partnership, led by the town centre manager, Stefan Krause, was net yet in a position to operate an effective marketing programme.

Mayor of Skegness Coun Steve Kirk said: “The STAMP group cannot deliver so I think we need to pick up the chalice again.”

Mr Krause attended a Skegness Town Council meeting to present a report to councillors on the role and achievements of STAMP since its formation a year ago.

Successes of the group included the organisation of several tourist events including a Party on the Pier, the Festival of Brass Bands, a Busking Festival and a presence at Lincoln By The Sea.

The group had also considered whether the Jolly Fisherman and the strapline ‘Skegness is So Bracing’ was ‘fit for purpose’ as a symbol for the town.

Councillors supported Mr Krause’s suggestions to organise more events throughout the year but expressed ‘grave concerns’ with the report, particularly its questioning of the Jolly Fisherman’s suitability.

Coun Kirk said: “Over my dead body will you remove the Jolly Fisherman, he is loved by everybody.”

Further concerns were expressed over STAMP’s management of the publicity trailer, which has not been used since it was taken over from the town council’s publicity working group several months ago.

Previously Coun George Saxon and Coun Neil Pimperton had used the trailer to promote Skegness at large public events across the region and Coun Saxon was extremely disappointed to see his hard work fall by the wayside.

Yet more concerns were raised over STAMP’s proposal to recruit a marketing manager and apprentice at a combined cost of almost £50,000 as well as other financial expenditures it had made over the previous year.

With these accusations of excessive spending, councillors were resentful of STAMP’s request for match funding to support its activities.

Councillors felt there were too many groups like STAMP replicating the same role and all asking for contributions from the town council.

With the perceived shortcomings of all these groups, councillors decided it was time for them to take the lead once again and also for businesses to contribute more rather than expecting the council to fund everything.

Committee chairman Coun Mark Anderson said: “This is highly dependent on the partnership of the organisation, everybody getting together to make sure this works.”