Mum in emotional face-to-face with only son thanks to hall PCs

Audrey Woolley talks to her son Christopher over the web. Photo supplied.
Audrey Woolley talks to her son Christopher over the web. Photo supplied.

AN EMOTIONAL Burgh le Marsh mother has been able to see her son face-to-face for the first time in a year - thanks to the efforts of a local computer club.

Audrey Woolley of Station Road, was able to speak to her son Christopher thanks to the magic of the internet, after using Irby & Bratoft Village Hall’s computers to hold a video conversation over Skype.

It is the first time Audrey had seen her son since last summer.

Jayne Hood, from the village hall, said: “This week saw another first at the village hall’s Online Centre, when Audrey made contact with her son

“An emotional Mrs Woolley was thrilled to chat to her only son, Christopher, who is currently working in Cameroon, West Africa.

“Mrs Woolley had not seen him face-to-face since last summer, when Christopher, who lives in Western Australia, came to visit his mother, accompanied by his wife and young daughter.

“Audrey now has the opportunity to talk to her family whenever she visits the Online Centre each week,” Jayne added.

The techno-wizardry was made possible using, Skype, a simple programme which has conquered the world in recent years by allowing people to speak to each other face-to-face using web-cams - all for free.

Those without a computer in their home - or looking to use Skype to save on costly international phone calls - can now make use of the village hall’s online centre to browse the internet.

It is located in Brambleberry Lane in Irby in the Marsh.

The hall holds free computer classes every week to help novices and learners get online.

It holds classes on Mondays and Thursdays, but new entrants may also join on Friday, November 4 from 9am to 1pm or on Saturday, November 5 from noon to 3pm.

The hall recently underwent a complete revamped, and has the benefit of a kitchen and licensed bar. It is availble for private hire. All interested parties should ring the hall and leave a message on 01754 811850.