Lincolnshire Co-op wins Carbon Trust Standard for energy saving measures at stores including Skegness and Burgh le Marsh

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Cutting energy use and introducing new technologies has helped Lincolnshire Co-op achieve the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard for the second time, the firm has announced.

The Carbon Trust Standard recognises organisations for real carbon reduction.

Based on an independent assessment, it certifies that organisations have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions across their own operations, and are committed to reducing them year on year.

Over 650 organisations worldwide have been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard.

Lincolnshire Co-operative buys all its energy from small scale hydro-electric plants and wind farms as part of a group of co-operative businesses.

Chief Financial Officer Steve Galjaard said: “We’re delighted to have achieved this accreditation again. When we were first awarded it in 2011, lots of our energy-reduction schemes were in their early days. Since then, we’ve started to see the long-term benefits.

AAs well as introducing new technologies and equipment, we’ve found that each and every one of our colleagues plays a part.

“Every time they switch a light in the warehouse off or make sure their photocopier is in energy-saving mode, it makes a difference.

“We’re committed to building on our good work and hope to see further reductions in coming months, particularly with new schemes such as the roll out of LED lighting.”

Local carbon reduction measures include heat reclamation systems are also fitted at Roman Bank Foodstore in Skegness and elsewhere.

And when the society’s Burgh le Marsh foodstore was built, all the bricks plus the roof tiles from the old Maltings that stood on the site were reused. This cut the build’s carbon footprint because tiles and bricks take a lot of energy to produce.

Darran Messem, Managing Director – Certification at the Carbon Trust added: “An organisation that operates at the heart of its community has the potential to inspire positive action.

“By making a firm commitment to reducing emissions every year, and having this independently certified, Lincolnshire Co-op is helping to combat climate change and setting an excellent example to other businesses, staff and customers.”