Kids think Skegness is in Scotland

Skegness Clock Tower
Skegness Clock Tower

British children are clueless to where our most popular and traditional seaside resorts - including Skegness - are located, according to a new travel report.

With a heatwave hitting Britain, this weekend families will be packing their buckets and spades and flocking to the seaside.

However parents should be aware that children think Skegness is next to Loch Ness in Scotland, Scarborough is in the Mediterranean, and St Ives is located in the Caribbean.

The study conducted by Travelodge, which has over 500 hotels across the UK, including nearly 100 properties in coastal locations, quizzed 2,000 British children aged between eight to fifteen years old.

Key findings revealed that despite young Britons taking a regular jaunt to the seaside, they are oblivious to the actual location of Britain’s coastal destinations. When quizzed 56 per cent of young Britons admitted that they do not know where Skegness is, with 11 per cent thinking it was next to Loch Ness in Scotland and 10 per cent thinking it was in Snowdonia.

Local children fared no better in the geography knowledge stakes. When asked to identify the location of Brighton, 52 per cent did not know where it was. A fifth (19 per cent) thought it was located in the Mediterranean.

Over half (58 per cent) admitted that they do not know where the jewel of Cornwall’s crown, St Ives, is located. A full 20 per cent thought the seaside town, set in breathtaking coastal scenery, is located in the Caribbean.

Even the location of Newquay, one of the UK’s tourist hotspots, eluded many with 35 per cent unable to say where it was. One in ten (11 per cent) thought it was in London.

When asked where Torquay is, 29 per cent of respondents did not know. Some of the answers given by the respondents included: Ireland, Wales and the USA.

Local children were clueless to where the North Wales, seaside town, Llandudno is – with 58 per cent failing to correctly identify its location. A fifth (22 per cent) of children said the town which is a favourite with esteemed traveller, Bill Bryson, and home to the real Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell was located in Spain.

Blackpool, one of the nation’s all-time favourite seaside destinations also made the listing, with a quarter (24 per cent) of young locals not knowing that it is located in the North West of England. One in ten children think the seaside town famous for its tower, pleasure beach and illuminations is located in Yorkshire.