Jolly Fisherman returning to Skegness

The wave sculptures shortly before they were originally boarded up.
The wave sculptures shortly before they were originally boarded up.

The much-loved The Jolly Fisherman statue is set to return to his Skegness home this week, ready to welcome another generation of visitors to the famous seaside town.

After spending twenty four years striding across the Railway Station concourse, the Jolly statue was in need of so many repairs that he had to be completely recast.

Lincolnshire County Council commissioned the original artist, Sioban Coppinger, to carry out the work and she has spent the last four months faithfully recreating the statue.

In recent weeks Sioban’s been casting and refurbishing the bronze elements and applying the finishing touches to ensure the new Jolly is in perfect condition to return to Skegness.

Over the next few days the new statue will be mounted on his new plinth, just outside Skegness station, along with his trademark bronze bucket, spade and suitcase.

The move will bring to an end a long-running saga in the plaza outside the station, which had been plagued by the eyesore of plywood boards for many months.

These were erected around the plinth’s associated wave sculptures after a child fell off their bike when trying to traverse them shortly after they were first unveiled.

The boards were taken down recently in readiness for the return of Jolly, and work will also be taking place this week to embellish the waves with skate studs and other features to prevent repeats of the child’s mishap.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Executive Member for Economic Development, Colin Davie, said: “I’m delighted that Jolly is returning to Skegness where he will be able to meet-and-greet visitors arriving at the train station for many years to come.

“Jolly has come to represent everything people associate with the town – family friendly fun – and he’s an important part of our history.

“I hope local people and visitors alike will come and say hello to their old friend now he’s finally back home.”