Jobs fair for 150 posts at Central

Grand Central is preparing to run a jobs fair to fill its 150 vacant posts ahead of its grand opening.
Grand Central is preparing to run a jobs fair to fill its 150 vacant posts ahead of its grand opening.

EMPLOYMENT opportunities in Skegness will get a huge boost with a jobs fare recruiting 150 positions at a new leisure and retail complex.

Grand Central is nearing completion and in preparation for the first stage of its reopening it is inviting prospective staff members to recruitment days on April 13 and 14.

The multimillion pound development will offer the town and its holiday makers three storeys of multipurpose entertainment venues and shops.

In anticipation of its grand opening on the Easter Weekend it is seeking candidates ranging from bar and kitchen staff, through to speciality entertainment acts and promotional crew.

Events manager Matthew Dickinson said: “We hope this will give a massive boost to the town in general because at the moment everything is looking a bit bleak but from out of the ashes a phoenix will rise and Grand Central is that phoenix.

“We are looking for self motivated people with great personalities because we want Grand Central to be party central and the staff are vital to create this ambition.”

Interested parties are invited to attend the first day of the recruitment process on Wednesday, April 13, bringing a CV and current picture with them.

Following an interview shortlisted candidates will be asked to return the following day for the final stage of interviews.

Stage one of Grand Central’s phased reopening will begin on the Easter weekend and many jobs will be created for this date.

Further employment opportunities will arise throughout the summer season as additional venues, shops and hotels are added to the ambitious new complex.

Skengess Job Centre has warned the owners to expect a large number of applicants for these sought after roles.

Other positions being recruited for include, hosts and hostesses, DJs, dancers, cleaners, stage technicians, and shop staff.