Inspectorate gives approval for Bowmans - 52 jobs to be created

General News.
General News.

An Addlethorpe based recycling plant which has been closed for just over a year, has won its appeal to re-open as plans were granted by the planning inspectorate last Thursday.

A total of 52 new job opportunities are set to be created since Bowman’s Waste Ltd has been given the go-ahead to operate once more.

Site Operator Kenny Ellis says he is ‘elated’ with the news and is inviting those in need of a job to apply.

“There are a number of skilled positions which are valuable to this area,” he said.

The site was served an enforcement notice last September but since has put in planning applications to get the matter resolved and moved forward.

Plans earlier in the year were rejected by Lincolnshire County Council’s Planning Committee due to issues with ‘no suitable plan in place for odour maintenance’.

But the applicant put in an appeal, which was granted by the planning inspectorate with conditions.

Lincolnshire County Councillor Chris Pain is also thrilled and has been supportive of the site. He said: “It is a vital investment in industry in our local area which will provide 52 all year round local jobs. There will also be position for three apprentices. This is a great boost for local jobs with essential investment into the Skegness area, despite our poor road infrastructure.”