Ingoldmells’ smell ‘manure’

A strong odour had been lingering over Ingoldmells for the last week leaving one holidaymaker ‘heaving’ due its potency.

Charles Corbett, of Sealands caravan site, says the smell was so bad it made him and his wife feel sick.

“It’s that smell again and we have to shut all the windows and doors,” said Charles.

Mr Corbett thought it was a similar smell to what has lurked over Ingoldemlls before due to problems with sewage works belonging to Anglian Water.

In February, residents were asked to log complaints about the aromas emanating from the village’s sewage treatment plant so the matter could be formally investigated.

Anglian water announced it would address the problem with enhanced chemical dosing procedures and installing a new sealing system.

But this time, it seems that it isn’t the sewage works to blame for the smell, county councillor Colin Davie for Ingoldmells rural confirmed it was actually ‘chicken manure’ being spread on the fields nearby.

Also Maurice Darnell chair of Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe Management Forum, also agreed that it was either ‘chicken or cow manure’.

“Usually it’s just 24 hours but there’s been two more lots put out. It’s just natural and a local farm, it’s not Anglian Water,” said Maurice.