Hunt surprises beach visitors in Ingoldmells

Hunting party
Hunting party

A HUNTING party of hounds, horses and riders recently enjoyed a rare opportunity to bound along in the fresh coastal air at Ingoldmells Beach.

South Wold Hunt took the opportunity to exercise their hounds along the stretch of beach owned by Joe’s Beach Bar last Monday morning.

Master huntsman Nick Ashcroft said the party relished the change of scenery and were looking into the possibility of organising a beach race event at the site in the spring.

“Anybody who kept horses would be welcome to take part and hopefully it would attract a lot of spectators too.,” he explained.

“We would also look to raise money for charities of local importance.”

The unusual spectacle did cause something of a stir with local dog walkers who were concerned at how the hounds would react to their pets.

Two of the dogs also worried several guests at a coastal caravan park when they entered the site through a hole in the fence.

Mr Ashcroft has assured dog owners that the hunting hounds pose no danger to domestic pets.

“Hounds will never attack other dogs, they are as used to them as they are the horses,” he said.

He has also explained that their entrance to the caravan site was an accident that would not be repeated, if the party were to return of future occasions.

Beach owner Simon Adderley believes the proposed beach race could be very exciting for the East Coast and has assured dog walkers that future rides would take place out of season.

He will also try to signpost the presence of the hunt in advance to forewarn the area’s dog walkers.