Hotel proposals meet mixed local response

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PROPOSALS to build a large hotel on Skegness Foreshore have received opposing reactions from different sections of the local community.

Whereas many hoteliers fear the plans for a 98 room hotel and leisure complex could drive them out of business, others believe it could be just what the town needs.

Owner of the Carmelle on Castleton Boulevard, Trevor Burnham, said: “It will affect my business and another 20 or 30 in the area.

“I’m all for new development but it needs to be of the right sort and in the right place. We need more attractions to draw in the holidaymakers not large hotels - we are struggling to fill the ones we have at the moment.”

The planning application carries a range of options for redeveloping the Fun City site on North Parade, some of which could be as tall as 15 storeys high, which Mr Burnham feels would be a ‘blight on the landscape’.

Having spent several thousand pounds on decorating his accommodation, he has also taken offence to derogatory remarks in the application that describe existing guesthouses as ‘outdated and not particularly appealing to the majority of people.’

Owner of the Mickleton Guesthouse, Adrian Brown, shares many of My Burnham’s concerns and has expressed some specific issues with aspects of the design.

He believes the proposal’s failure to provide additional car parking for its guests could add an unacceptable burden on the existing parking provision.

The application cites the adjacent North Parade Car Park as being ‘under used’ but concedes that it could become unavailable if it were to be developed on.

Despite these criticisms, others commenting on the Standard’s facebook site have suggested it could be just the sort of thing the town needs.

Supporters claims that a large, modern complex, with appealing leisure facilities, could broaden the resort’s appeal to a different market and enable conferences to take place, attracting visitors, all year round.

The site owners, claim that, the ‘struggling outdated’ amusements currently located there ‘do not provide and commercial benefit’ and developing the site could bring new job opportunities and improve the local economy.

Further queries have been raised by the business community as to how the development would fit in with the ongoing ‘Masterplan’ for the foreshore.

Under the proposals, which are yet to be finalised as a council policy, the sorts of development to be encouraged at the site, would be of a sporting nature, with hotels designated for further south.