Hildreds sees surge in customers from new stores

The Hildreds Centre in Skegness. Photo by Philip Murray.
The Hildreds Centre in Skegness. Photo by Philip Murray.
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The Hildreds Centre in Skegness has revealed a “surge” in customers following the recent opening of three ‘new’ stores.

Sports Direct and Burger King have both opened new stores in the shopping centre in recent weeks - the former moving into the outlet from their old location on Lumley Road.

Home Bargains has also moved from its old Hildreds Centre site into a larger neighbouring unit in the centre, creating additional jobs.

Hildreds management say that business is booming following the moves, and say there has been an increase in footfall.

Speaking about the openings, centre manager at the Hildreds, Pete Roffe said: “The Hildreds has weathered the economic storm really well and business really is booming at the centre. We are absolutely delighted to welcome all three retailers to the centre.

“To have three top high street names at The Hildreds is just fantastic, not only for the centre but the whole town. They are a brilliant addition to our current mix of stores.”

“Currently we only have three small units at The Hildreds that are vacant,” added Pete. “Whilst there has been interest to occupy them, we’ve worked hard to think of innovative ways to use the units in the short term to help support local projects, businesses and individuals.”

One of the innovative projects to make use of the shopping centre’s vacant units was The H-Art Gallery.

From February to July The Hildreds transformed one of its units into a public art gallery showcasing work from local artists.

In the six months it was open the Gallery attracted 30,000 visitors and has helped raise £1,000 from the sale of artwork for the Skegness Lifeboat Station, the centre’s nominated charity.

“The H-Art Gallery is a great example. We are continually working on fresh and innovative ideas that will appeal to our shoppers and the wider community,” added Pete.

“So far Church Farm Museum which is based in Skegness has used one of our vacant units to appeal for volunteers and promote bygone craft skills.

“We’ve also had the East Coast Country Fairs using the space to raise funds for Arthritis Research. Concept drawings for the proposed beach football stadium have been put on display in a unit for public viewing.

“There is a full programme of events planned this year that will utilise any unit and mall space in the centre.”

Lucy Mitchell, marketing manager at New River Retail, said: “We are committed to driving the centre forward.

“The arrival of Home Bargins, Burger King and Sports Direct at The Hildreds has already had a positive impact not only on the centre but Skegness as a whole in terms of growth, investment and prosperity.

“It has enabled us to give shoppers a fresh retail offer with greater choice.”

For more information on the Hildreds Shopping Centre call 01754 764899 or visit www.hildredsshoppingcentre.co.uk.