Heritage fears for village

A group of residents fear a vital part of the heritage of Ingoldmells will be lost if the planning go-ahead is given to renovate a listed pub into houses.

Bernard Wise, who has lived in the village for twenty plus years, says it was an ‘enormous shock’ to learn The Three Tuns could be changed into four houses, complete with garages.

“It has made us feel quite sick as we feel very passionate towards this pub, along with many more customers being locals. Holidaymakers feel the same,” Bernard said.

“This pub is part of the Ingoldmells’ heritage; it was open for business from the early 1900s or more,” he added.

And Bernard feels the grade two listed pub should be kept the same and continue to run as a business rather than be changed into residences.

“This pub should just stop as it is, every public house is suffering with the economy at the present, but you battle through it,” Bernard explained.

“If it was to close, then the choice of other public houses are limited for ourselves,” explained Bernard.

Bernard says there are three other pubs near to The Three Tuns in High Street, but claims they don’t offer what he and his wife enjoy.

“The other end of the village around the Fantasy Island area is for the younger generation, so it will feel like we have had our right arm cut off,” he explained.

The planning application put in by Batemans Brewery was discussed at an Ingoldmells Parish Council meeting on March 11 and five councillors voted to support the change.

“The biggest shock came when the application got supported. It will be a massive loss if we lose this historic pub,” said Bernard, who was present at the meeting.

However, Stuart Bateman managing director for Batemans Brewery, wishes to allay concerns and said ‘nothing will happen imminently’ and stated that the pub lease had just been renewed for another ‘18 months’. He said: “We are gaining planning permission at the present to create future opportunities.”

Planning permission has also been sought on other properties Batemans’ own and a plan was accepted in the past ‘couple of months’ for 32 properties behind The Three Tuns, again with no building work currently planned, Stuart confirmed. The application will now be considered by planners at East Lindsey District Council in due course.