Harvest food waste campaign launched

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has launched a ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign to help people make the most of harvest food this autumn.

A wide array of mouth-watering recipes have been put online at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com, including egetable thai curry or spinach and potato soup - all of which can be frozen to eat another day.

Executive Member for Waste Services and Green Issues, Coun Lewis Strange, said: “Why not try out some of these quick and easy recipes? It’s a great way to use up what’s in the fridge, save money and help the environment too.

“When we throw away good food, we also throw away the water that’s been used to grow and produce it. It takes 100 buckets of water just to produce just one loaf of bread.

“When we open the dustbin lid, it’s important to remember the effort and energy that goes into bringing the food to our tables.

“The average family household in the county can save £50 every month by freezing food instead of throwing it away, at the same time as helping the environment.”

Over seven-million tonnes of good food was wasted last year - costing the country a whopping £12billion.

This avoidable wastage was also responsible for some 17 million tonnes of CO2. In Lincolnshire, about 87,000 tonnes of food was wasted - an average of 120kgs of food per person totalling £150m.

Councillor Strange added: “We can make a real difference by making subtle changes to the way we store and use food.

“Harvest-time is an ideal opportunity to freeze down the quality produce we are lucky to have here in Lincolnshire. Let’s rescue food from the fridge before it’s too late - it’s bread and butter stuff.”