Halal slaughterhouse employee speaks out

The site of the abattoir. Stock image.
The site of the abattoir. Stock image.
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A Skegness abattoir employee has spoken out about their frustration at ‘not being paid’ since the Heath Road site was closed following a bailiff visit.

They say they and others have been left in the dark over the current situation and have no idea when they might see the money they are owed.

“We turned up thinking it was going to reopen but it didn’t and I haven’t been paid,” said a local employee who did not wished to be named.

“It’s worrying, we might be out of a job and it’s not easy to find other work,” they added.

Rent arrears and a dispute with the landlord were rumoured to have been a factor for the slaughterhouse run by Premier Meats Halal Ltd after bailiffs were called in on August 16, but the employee says they were not able to go in with a power failure being blamed, they claim.

“I think the electricity bill hadn’t been paid or something,” they added.

However, Mr Patel for Premier Meats Halal Ltd said: “The abattoir will be up and running in the next few weeks once the contracts have been signed.

“All wages have been paid and will be paid to anyone whose are outstanding.”

But the employee says ‘it’s just a job’ at the end of the day and they need the money to pay for living.

They claimed: “It’s a big worry, there’s been problems with pay from the start.”

And the employee remains sceptical about it reopening. They said: “I don’t know if it will reopen. I think they owe a lot of money out, although they have bought equipment recently.”

A whole host of political and non political groups have protested and spoken out against the abattoir since it opened last year.

Some refuted claims by Premier Meats Halal Ltd that the abattoir would create jobs for ‘local people’. But an employee confirms that around ‘30 local people applied’ for the job and around ‘20 were taken on’.

“There’s local people there white British and Muslim, it’s just a job for most at the end of the day, or it was, depending on what happens,” they explained.