Footpath issue angers residents

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AN OVERGROWN pathway has become a nightmare for residents who live nearby and using it to access the beach has become impossible.

Many of the grass verges in Kings Avenue, Winthorpe, near to the pathway have been ‘reluctantly’ cut by residents in a bid to tackle the issue after being left in a ‘poor state’ for months.

For one resident in particular, he feels his poorly wife would benefit from fresh air from the beach but it isn’t passable for her wheelchair because of the nettles either side.

“The whole avenue is being neglected and the grass verges are really overgrown either side of the pathway, the nettles are almost two metres high and my wife is in a wheelchair so we can’t access the beach that way,” said Kings Avenue resident Mr Robert Hayes.

Contractors from Lincolnshire County Council have been seen trying to ‘treat weeds and remove debris from gutters but residents claim it has largely unaffected the pathway issues.

“There have been contractors but they aren’t touching the pathway, I’m not sure why but even holidaymakers can’t go down that way,” Mr Hayes added.

And Mr Hayes and his wife are suffering more than most as sadly, his wife has lung cancer and the fresh air on the promenade is deeply beneficial to her.

“My wife and I are directly and badly affected by these neglected areas. My wife has lung cancer and obviously the fresh air on the promenade enhances both her breathing and her quality of life, the beach path is impassable in a wheelchair so unless we are able to walk the full length of Kings Avenue to Winthorpe Avenue then walk towards the promenade and along the promenade which is a journey time and a distance my wife can’t sustain, we can’t enjoy the benefits that we’re entitled to,” explained Mr Hayes.

Mr Hayes says he has been told a number of times that the area has been earmarked for work but he claims that nothing is done. However a spokesperson for LCC said: “I can confirm that we will be cutting this patch by the end of the week.”