Fly-tipping travellers provoke anger from Skegness residents

TRAVELLERS in Skegness have been accused of dumping refuse after carrying out unlicensed waste collections from homes around the town.

Their arrival at the Heath Road Business Park last month provoked concerns from many sectors of the community, however they left soon after.

Now they are back and according to several reports, have been leaving rubbish there and at a popular dog walking site off Churchill Avenue.

David Jones, who works close to the where the travellers are camped, said: “They are going around the town offering to remove rubbish or trim trees and bushes for money and then dumping it.

“They seem to be tipping it everywhere and getting away with it, it’s not on - other people would have been prosecuted but the council seem reluctant to do anything because they don’t have a permanent address.”

And dog walkers passing through a field at the bottom of Churchill Avenue have seen more evidence of waste being dumped that they have been unable to get the council to remove.

Jill Cooper said: “We’ve phoned the council two or three times to get them to remove the rubbish - it’s full of black bin bags that the birds have ripped apart - the smell is noticeable from my house.”

Because the land at both sites is privately owned, it is the land owner’s responsibility to remove any waste - not East Lindsey District Council’s.

However ELDC and the Environment agency, which issues licenses for refuse collection, have urged the public to be responsible when agreeing to have waste removed from their homes.

When passing waste on to third parties, residents should seek proper documentation called a Waste Transfer Note. Those without such paperwork, passing on waste to unlicensed collectors could be subject to prosecution and fines.