Flagpole plans raised

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Skegness residents will be invited to pay for two flag poles, flying the Union Jack and Lincolnshire Flag, demonstrating the town is ‘open for business and proud to be British.’

Coun Sid Dennis’s suggestion, raised as a motion by Coun Mark Smith at a recent Skegness Town Council meeting, won the overall approval of fellow councillors.

Coun Carl Macey, seconding the motion, said he felt it would help capitalise on the wave of national pride generated by this year’s Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

He said: “I felt a real sense of pride in the county and I feel that this would show that sense of pride, not only in the country but in our county as well.”

Coun Steve Kirk’s amendment that ‘public subscriptions’ rather than council money be sought to raise the £908 quoted for the installation of two flagpoles outside the Hildreds Centre, was also supported.

He said: “This could be the whole town coming together to show that they are proud of the county and country.”

Coun Phil Kemp, though appreciative of the sentiment, said he felt there were better things to be spending money on.

“There are far more important things to be getting on with, when there are people starving,” he said.