‘Faulty pump’ blamed for Ingoldmells smell

SEWAGE smells are back with a vengeance in Ingolmells and the problem has been blamed on a pump which has stopped working.

For the last four to six weeks, residents have been battling with awful sewage smells and it has only got worse as the tourist season reaches its peak.

“We found out that one of the pumps isn’t working and the treatments topping up the sewage has failed. In this period we really needed it,” said Maurice Darnell, Chairman of the Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe Neighbourhood Management Forum.

Back in April, the community thought it had seen the back of the issue when Anglian Water completed its £90,000 chemical dosing procedures, intended to attack the source of the sewage smells and at the time, no significant aromas had been reported in the village.

However, now the smell is back and has been described as being “worse than its ever been in the last five or six years”.

“It’s getting worse as more and more tourists turn up and we asked them to check it out and we were told it’s a system failure and the pump had broke down, this is why the smell has come back. We actually needed to inform them [Anglian Water]. At the moment it is worse than it was five or six years ago,” added Mr Darnell.

Mr Darnell contacted Anglian Water who apologised and replied to say: “One of the chemical dosing units we installed on our network as part of the improvement works has unfortunately failed, leading to an increase in odour. We are sorry for this.”

However, Mr Darnell fears repairs will come too late and the community will only know if it is fixed properly next summer.

In Anglian Water’s response, Butlins were also partially mentioned in regards to the smell.

“We are also working with the owners of Butlins to improve the dosing systems within the site as we know that during the warmer months we need to prevent the sewage becoming septic in the network and this joint work with Butlins will go a long way towards achieving this.”

Chris Baron, Butlins resort director, said: “We have been in regular contact with AWA over many years regarding the smells from the sewerage farm and there has been considerable improvement this year until the failure of the dosing unit so it does seem the problem is generated by the sewerage farm.

“I was disappointed to read the latest statement that seems to be trying to share the blame after admitting that the problem was being caused by a failed dosing unit in their system.”