Eyesores raised to town council

Coun Carl Macey, Del Claxon and Coun Dick Edgington surveying the unsightly scrubland to the west of the beach.
Coun Carl Macey, Del Claxon and Coun Dick Edgington surveying the unsightly scrubland to the west of the beach.

EYESORES in Skegness raised their ugly head once again when members of the public called for the town council to address the problem at its latest meeting.

Two dissatisfied residents spoke separately during the public session of Wednesday’s meeting highlighting derelict buildings, dog mess and neglected coastal defences as blights on the town’s appearance.

Referring to the boarded up former Wiltex building on Roman Bank, one woman said: “It’s a total eyesore, it’s shameful, it’s got chipboard windows and doors and when you walk past it you can hear pigeons.

“It’s a huge amount of land, it’s a total disgrace and I think you should do something about it.”

Although councillors were sympathetic to the concerns, they explained that resolving the problem would require enforcement action from East Lindsey District Council and while they could raise the issue with the its officers, they had insufficient powers to act on it themselves.

Further unsightly areas were brought up by Dell Claxon who thought the town should be renamed ‘Skegmess’ and asked whether councillors were ‘blind’ for not noticing the problem.

He referred to dog mess left around the town and the area of scrubland between the Seaview Carpark and the beach as two areas of particular concern.

Again, councillors had to explain their areas of responsibility, which include neither dog wardens nor street cleaning.

However Coun Dick Edgington and Coun Carl Macey accepted Mr Claxon’s invite to take a tour around the unsightly areas with the intention of referring it to the responsible authorities.

During their visit it appeared that the scrubland belonged to the Environment Agency and both councillors thought it required attention.

A subsequent visit by EA officers discovered that despite the presence of EA signs in the area, the land itself belonged to ELDC.

Between them, the two authorities have now agreed to resolve the problem. The EA will repair the fencicng while ELDC has agreed to tidy the litter that has collected there.