Extra chalets may be ready for summer

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ADDITIONAL beach chalet slots could be available in Chapel St Leonards in time for the start of the summer season.

Chapel St Leonards Parish Council has scheduled eight chalet sites to be created as part of its ongoing plans to expand the popular seaside rental scheme.

Parish clerk Mike Green explained that there is currently a waiting list for the chalets and therefore expects the new sites to be eagerly rented as soon as they are made available.

Currently the council owns the land on which the chalets are situated and allows holiday-makers and residents to construct their own chalets on the site they rent.

As part of their expansion scheme, councillors at a Beach Management Committee meeting on Friday considered whether the council could build its own chalets on the site and then let the complete package.

This motion was rejected due to there being insufficient funds to pay for the chalets in addition to financing the works required to make the sites suitable for building on.

Mr Green said the works would begin ‘as soon as possible’ and hoped they could be ready in time for the summer season.

It is hoped that yet more chalet sites will be created in the near future.