Extended park season plan criticism

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AN APPLICATION to extend a static caravan site’s licence by two months was met with criticism from town councillors at a recent meeting.

Skegness Town Councillors discussed Park Resorts Ltd’s request to remove a planning condition which forbids caravans being occupied between January 6 and the last day of February in the same year at its Southview Leisure Park complex, Burgh Road at the Planning and Planning Policy Committee, held on Tuesday, September 4.

Currently, visitors to the site can stay in during the 10 month period and must vacate it during the other two months.

Councillors raised concerns over local amenities and feared that doctors surgeries would not be able to cope. They felt, if supported, it would open the flood gates for similar applications.

Coun Dick Edgington raised fears over environmental issues and the risk of flooding, and town clerk Steve Larner said that similar applications had not been supported due to similar reasons.

The Environment Agency had not put in its comments but the council heard there is still time to do so.

Coun Jim Carpenter spoke of how the site was intended for holiday use not for people to live in permanently.

He said ‘how would they [Southview] police it’ in regards to some visitors choosing to live here permanently and not as a holiday home.

Coun Carpenter also spoke of how some caravan owners seek temporary rental accommodation during the two months and then move back to the caravans.

There were also thoughts raised regarding council tax and how that would be carried out on such a site.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke said: “How are the doctors and hospitals expected to cope?” And he opted not to support the plan.

Coun Mark Smith, also reminded the council that static caravans were different to park homes and that sort should be supported. He also felt there would be a flood risk issue.

East Lindsey District Council will make any final decisions on the application in the coming months.