Exhibition to honour ‘Jolly’ mascot

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A HOLIDAYMAKER will be holding an art exhibition to help save the traditional image of the Jolly Fisherman.

Dave Bishop aka Lord Biro will be running the ‘Save the Jolly Fisherman Art Show and Sea Related Drawings’ in Nottingham as he believes the Jolly Fisherman is important to both the people of Skegness and visitors.

“I’ve been coming to Skegness for many years and everyone knows and loves the Jolly Fisherman, I felt like I had to include him in my latest exhibition because it’s so important that the town council and officials keep the new design close to the traditional look,” said Mr Bishop.

“I read about it in the news and felt it was quite amusing about all the health and safety fears,” he added.

And Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson said that he ‘welcomed the support from holidaymaker’ Mr Bishop.

He said: “I welcome Mr Bishop’s thoughts and his support for the Jolly Fisherman, I was just in London and everyone knows who the Jolly Fisherman is, so it is very important we get the look right.”

Mayor Coun Anderson said he was ‘outraged’ that the town council was not fully consulted in the first place and when public money was being spent more time needed to be taken over such an important issue.

“Consultation needs to be at the very heart and public money is involved,” he said.

Lincolnshire County Councillor Neil Cooper, speaking on Monday, during an radio interview said he had been asked about the Jolly Fisherman and the current plans for the new statue’s design.

Speaking to the Standard, he said: “We have agreed to start the whole process again, including the design, the material, colour and how it will look.

“Once we have those things, LCC will look for three or four statue makers to create a design and there will be a full consultation so that hopefully a statue people love and adore can be created.”

The exhibition will be taking place at 2 West End Arcade, Nottingham, which started yesterday and runs until September 1.

Lord biro’s latest online art show can be viewed at mclympics.wordpress.com.