Exhibition on Croft wind farm proposals

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A PUBLIC exhibition is being held to inform local residents about a proposed wind farm and allow them to express their views on it.

REG Windpower will be explaining its plans and to build six turbines at Croft during a series of meetings this weekend.

Development manager Tracey Siddle said: “This will be a good opportunity for residents to find out more about the plans and take an active part in the consultation.

“Images of the proposed six new turbines from surrounding viewpoints will be shown and we are looking forward to hearing thoughts from local people on them.”

Those attending Croft Village hall on Friday between noon and 7pm or Wainfleet Coronation Hall between 10am and 2pm will also be invited to raise ideas about how the ‘Community Fund’ the energy firm proposes to establish to benefit local causes could be spent.

It has offered to set aside £4,000 per MW installed every year the turbines are running, which of a project this size would equate to a £48,000 donation to the local community per annum.

With the number of wind farm applications currently pending approval by East Lindsey District Council certain sectors of the local community have expressed concerns that the landscape could become dominated by a legion of industrial turbines.

As with other recent proposals at Anderby and Wainfleet, an action group has already been formed in opposition to the application.

Chairman of Croft Wind farm Action Group Melvin Grosvenor said: “Yet again the developers are pushing an already flooded landscape to put more turbines in.

“It’s a step too far and the local community will do everything they possibly can to resist this proposal and make RGE fully aware that it’s not welcome.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of off shore turbines so another six at Croft will make no significant increase to energy production - it’s just speculative opportunism on behalf of the land owner and developer.”

Mr Grosvenor is also unconvinced of the motives behind RGE’s Community Fund offer.

He said: “It is a cynical attempt to justify the amount of profit they will make by offering a few crumbs to the residents.”