Ex-journalist in Egypt book thriller

Egypt thriller: Michael with a copy of his new novel for children.
Egypt thriller: Michael with a copy of his new novel for children.

Prophecies, an undead pharaoh, a chariot chase, plagues of flies, man-eating crocodiles and the secret of eternal youth feature in former Skegness Standard journalist Michael Malaghan’s latest children’s novel, ‘The Lost Prophecies’.

Described by Amazon as ‘a fast-moving thriller with breath-taking action sequences and some seriously evil villains,’ The Lost Prophecies sees siblings Callie and Nick Latham on their second deadly adventure.

“This time they’re in Egypt,” explains Michael. “Callie and Nick make a terrifying discovery: a 3,400-year-old hieroglyphic message written to them. These are not standard hieroglyphics, but a code only they can crack.”

When reflecting on how his time as a journalist in Skegness between 1985-89 may have inspired his novel writing, the former Morris School pupil said: “It’s a far cry from my days chasing down headlines for The Skegness Standard, but certainly my four years as a reporter were a great investment in terms of piecing together fragments of story.

“I met fascinating and often inspiring people and got to do things I would never otherwise have done - like taking my dog to obedience training and then writing about it, visiting Wainfleet bombing range, having my fortune told by a tea leaf reader, acting as a judge in talent competitions, meeting several stars backstage at The Embassy and writing my own film columns.”

“And do you know something, I think most of those experiences turned up in my later writing somewhere or other.”

He also spent ten years writing children’s TV programmes, including episodes of The Tweenies and Chucklevision. The Lost Prophecies, for ages nine to 12, is published by Andersen Press. It’s available in bookshops and online for £5.99.