England captain explains beach soccer rules

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England beach soccer team captain Terry Bowes has explained the rules to the game which is hoped to become a regular fixture at the proposed Skegness Beach Stadium.

Speaking at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Skegness this morning, where his team is staying while training for an international tournament in Thailand next month, Bowes outlined the differences between beach soccer and the traditional grass game.

England beach soccer team training on Skegness beach.

England beach soccer team training on Skegness beach.

“It’s a high scoring game, it’s a nonstop game.

“People who come to watch 36 minutes, get 36 minutes.”

The game is similar to five-a-side football but players only have five seconds to take throw-ins to prevent time wasting and there is no offside rule.

Bowes says that last year there were 11 goals averaged per game, which adds to its spectator appeal.

Skegness Beach Stadium Ltd CEO Gary Shepherd, whose company is behind the project, also explained that the sideline entertainment gave the game a ‘different feel’.

He said: “It’s that whole feel good factor and I think that plays a massive part.”

Dance troupes, DJs and cheerleaders tend to accompany the game, which England manager David Jones felt could provide opportunities for local youngsters.

Janice Sutton’s Dance School is reported to be cheerleading over the weekend training sessions held at the beach.