Duck eggs hit the shelves

Duck eggs have gone on sale at Lincolnshire Co-op food stores
Duck eggs have gone on sale at Lincolnshire Co-op food stores

They’ve got twice as much vitamin A and six times more vitamin D than a chicken egg – and now shoppers can pick up a box of local duck eggs in Lincolnshire Co-op food stores

The Quack eggs have joined the popular Love Local line of products sourced from the area, and come from a farm near Billinghay in South Lincolnshire.

There the flock of ducks, which farmer Simon Lamyman nicknames his Quack Queens, have the run of a cosy barn and an outdoor space; he says that’s why the eggs taste so good: “We’re always working hard to maintain the highest standards of living and welfare for our ducks, to ensure that they lay top quality eggs with a great flavour and versatility.”

The Peking ducks that are Simon’s breed of choice have been bred in China for thousands of years; not only are they prolific layers, but they also produce beautiful pure white eggs.

“They taste distinctive, but not dramatically different from a hen egg. The yolks are much bigger, and they have a lovely rich taste, which makes them excellent for baking with,” Simon said.

“Because the white can get more air into it than a chicken’s egg could, duck eggs make for exceptionally light cakes and bakes, perfectly crisp meringues and really rich crème brulees.”

Supply chain manager for Lincolnshire Co-op Nicola Berry said: “Field Farm Duck eggs are a great addition to our Love Local range – I think it’s a ‘quacking’ idea!”

Boxes of four eggs retail at £1.99 and are available in many Lincolnshire Co-op food stores across the county and beyond.

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