Dog mess spoils day-trip

A DAY-TRIPPER visiting Skegness for a day out with her grandchildren had her visit spoiled by the ‘disgusting’ levels of dog mess she found littering the streets.

Christine Lee had journeyed from her home in Bicker to enjoy some quality time with her two young grandchildren but found it to be a ‘nightmare’ keeping the youngsters away from the filthy mess.

She said: “South Parade was completely covered in dog mess, it was absolutely disgusting.

“We had two little ones with us and it was a nightmare trying to avoid it all.

“It will put people off coming to Skegness - my husband said he didn’t want to come back if it’s like this, especially with the grandchildren. I’ve never been anywhere like it!”

It is not the first time appalled residents and holidaymakers have hit out at the inconsiderate dog owners for allowing their pets to litter the streets.

Skegness resident Dell Claxon highlighted the problem at a recent Skegness Town Council meeting and suggested dog wardens should be empowered to fine dog walkers if they are not carrying bags to dispose of their pet’s waste.

East Lindsey Distirct Council has called on the community to name and shame the culprits to dog wardens.

Dog warded Sue Garland said: “Dog owners failing to clear up after their pets is irresponsible, unacceptable and a blight on the communities, and one of the single biggest complaints the council receives.

“This isn’t an issue we can tackle alone - it’s a community effort.

“We need local people to tell us who the culprits are so we can take action and help address the problem to clear up our streets.

l Contact the dog warden team on 01507 601111.