DJs face off in radio competition

Hyden Birch (DJ Imanzi, left) and Liam Coles (DJ Indirect). Photo supplied.
Hyden Birch (DJ Imanzi, left) and Liam Coles (DJ Indirect). Photo supplied.

DJs from the coast and rural communities faced off last Wednesday when Lindsey Online hosted a DJ Mix-Off competition - with radio listeners and judges choosing the victors.

The coastal team was Kane Taylor and Joe Terry, both experienced VEX’D event DJs from Skegness, while the rural team was Liam Coles from Swineshead, another VEX’D DJ and Hyden Birch, a Veterinary Student from Sibsey.

The first half of the competition was a 20 minute individual mix. The second half was a relay mix which saw alternating team members play a track each showing off their mixing skills to the maximum.

The professional judges were overall very impressed by the skills shown by all the competitors throughout.

“They noticed during the relay mix the standards improved as it became more difficult as they were mixing with tunes they weren’t familiar with from the other competitors,” said a spokesperson.

“It was generally felt that Kane and Joe were favourites having more experience, but Joe was out of his comfort zone and still delivered great mixes.

“By the end the listeners voted for the rural team, which was agreed by the judges as they showed more cohesion throughout,” they added.

Hyden received over 85 per cent of the listeners’ votes and the judges agreed that he was the deserved winner of “Master Of Lindsey’s Decks for Dubstep 2013”.

The prizes, which were donated by Phonetic Records UK in Lincoln, were individual and duo mix sets at events in Louth. Boston College offered Hyden a promotional video in HD in front of a green screen.

The next DJ Mix-Off is planned for Wednesday, May 29.