Criticism of ‘new Jolly’ image

IMAGES of what a ‘new Jolly Fisherman’ statue in Skegness could look like have been heavily criticised by councillors.

Representatives from Lincolnshire County Council gave a presentation at the full council meeting of Skegness Town Council, last Wednesday, and councillors were concerned that they have not been consulted fully in time.

The new statue which is set to be made from granite, something the town council were previously against, will be positioned, once the final version has been agreed, outside the train station on an already laid marble plinth.

As reported, a new statue of the mascot was commissioned for the railway station and Lincolnshire County Council has been working on the tender process for the interpretation of the Jolly Fisherman.

Transport manager Anita Ruffle told councillors that a number of outside bodies had been invited to bid on the preferred material the statue could be made of and a sculptor had designed a statue showing what could be done with granite, but added that final details could be tweaked.

However, upon viewing examples of the granite impression of the Jolly Fisherman design, councillors gave their varying views.

Coun Steve Kirk said it resembled a ‘gargoyle’ and said he was ‘speechless’ and thought it would be amazing that LCC thought the town council might accept the design. Whereas Coun Christine Draper thought it was ‘appalling’, and Coun Dick Edgington thought it was ‘extremely disappointing’.

And Coun George Saxon thought it was ‘laughable’ that the image was given as an example of how the town’s mascot could look.

Town Mayor Coun Mark Anderson said the image was ‘disgraceful’ and it had ‘no soul’, it was ‘not inviting’ and public money was being used for this project.

He also expressed that because the council owned the copyright of the Jolly Fisherman, they should have more say over the statue’s final look.

The council suggested that the final image be nearer completion by September and it be reported back.