Credit Union’s call for more volunteers

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An ethical lender is calling for more volunteers to join its service after it proved so popular that it needs more ‘staff’ to cope with demand.

The Lincolnshire Credit Union is a not-for-profit organisation which is in the process of opening 15 ‘LincUp’ centres across the county - including its one day a week facility in the Storehouse on North Parade in Skegness.

Since it opened at the North Parade location at the end of February, the service has proved so popular that more spaces have opened up for new volunteers.

Training will be provided on the job.

“It has proved very successful and we are looking for more volunteers - one [existing] volunteer is even set to gain employment off the back of this venture shortly,” said Linda Burden, for Lincolnshire Credit Union.

The service is designed to offer financial support and has been described as an alternative to payday loan type companies.

A team of volunteers and development officers help people with financial management troubles to start their own account and offers competitive savings to ethically-minded investors.

Mrs Burden still hopes Skegness residents will use the credit union’s services as a safer and more affordable alternative to loan sharks, which are known to be operating in the town.

“Loan sharks are completely illegal and if you have one in your community, you usually find other forms of crime as well,” she said.

The Lincolnshire Credit Union operates from The Storehouse every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm, offering low interest loans to customers in times of need.

To find out more about volunteering pop down, or call the head office in Lincoln on 01522 528886. For more details visit Lincolnshire Credit Union’s website