Creative builder in artistic business

Anton Marchant at Joe's Beach Bar.
Anton Marchant at Joe's Beach Bar.

A creatively minded builder hopes to add a touch of magic to the east coast’s architecture using a form of artistic design he has ‘fallen in love with’.

Anton Marchant recently turned his talents to ‘render sculpture’ - a form of construction more commonly used to create the scenes and landscapes in theme parks, zoos and children’s play areas.

Anton, however, believes the construction method can be used on a wider variety of coastal buildings, in an almost limitless array of styles, to enhance the region’s visitor appeal.

“Lots of buildings on the coast are very bland and box-like, but with this the possibilities are limitless,” he said.

“You can choose any theme and it can be made quickly and easily and looks great.”

The 34-year-old Skegness builder worked with established render sculpture artists Rock Art UK to learn the craft and has now set up on his own business called Theme the Scene.

“Having been a builder for the past 15 years I’ve always looked for the opportunity to develop the service I can offer,” he said. “And, having recently taken the step to practise something I’ve always wanted to get into, with the help of Rock Art UK I’ve finally been able to start my new venture.”

His first job was with the Lost World Adventure Land on North Parade and he recently transformed Joe’s Beach Bar in Ingoldmells into a Florida, Key West, inspired tropical resort.

The owner of the bar, Simon Adderley, has been amazed by the impact this transformation has had on the venue, which he hopes to incorporate along the whole of Ingoldmells foreshore.

“The next stage of the project is to make Ingoldmells foreshore the very best visitor experience possible,” he said.

“We intend to create a unique three mile promenade and beach experience - a beach-focused theme park.”

Anton says the public response to his creation at Joe’s has filled him with confidence to pursue his dream.

“The feedback I’ve had has been absolutely phenomenal, there have been people taking photos of the project as I’ve been working on it,” he said. “This has given me the determination to create a business that may one day be known throughout the UK.”