County tells Town Council to come up with own Jolly Fisherman statue designs

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has told Skegness Town Council to come up with its own Jolly Fisherman design following scathing criticism of a proposed statue of the iconic figure.

The county called on the town to bring its own design ideas to the table after the Skegness councillors were derisory over the plans for a new statue outside the railway station.

The early design for a statue on the plinth outside the station was branded a “gargoyle” by some in the town authority.

There was also strong criticism of the decision not to mimic the classic image of Jolly, which has his arms outstretched.

Now the county council has invited the town to see what it can bring to the table, but added that the existing statue inside the station, which also doesn’t have its arms outstretched, is unlikely to survive relocation due to its damaged state - potentially ruling it out of contention as a suitable replacement for the maligned design.

The work for the new statue is being co-ordinated by Coun Neil Cooper, county councillor for Wainfleet and Burgh, who said: “There has been a great deal of interest shown in the plans for a new Jolly Fisherman statue in the plaza outside railway station.

“We were helping out with a new statue, as part of the overall revamp of the interchange. The initial designs mirrored the existing statue, but we’ve listened to what people have told us and arranged for Skegness Town Council, who own the copyright for the Jolly Fisherman, to come up with suitable ideas.

“The county council feel it’s only fit and proper for the town council to come up with the design, materials and palate of colours for this iconic image of Skegness.

“Just to clear up any misunderstanding there was never any truth in the rumours that we were going to replace the main Jolly Fisherman on the foreshore.”

Councillor Neil Cooper is also a member of Skegness Town Council.