Councillors discuss unemployment worry for Skegness

AN IMPROVED focus on tackling unemployment needs to be made in town rather than concentrating on tourism, according to Skegness Town Councillors.

Brenda Futers of Gleneagles Drive, Skegness, spoke in the public forum of the full council meeting recently, to say she was worried about unemployment in the town and that Lincolnshire County Council, and East Lindsey District Council ‘didn’t seem to be doing anything’ about creating new jobs for younger people.

Coun Steve Kirk, thought the town needed ‘opportunities for those in their 20s, 30, and 40s as well as youngsters’ and thought it would be good for the council to create a motion so the matter could be discussed further. He expressed a disappointment with what both the district and county councils were doing and the problem needed to be addressed with the town plan.

He said ‘tourism should not be the only focus’ and ‘all the eggs should not be put in one basket’ he said it needed to drive forward with permanent jobs on the East Coast and the tourists, although visiting had ‘no money in their pocket’ and he felt if nothing was done, ‘it would kill this town’

Mayor Coun Mark Anderson said he would be writing to the county council and ELDC, he also suggested Skegness was a ‘forgotten outpost’. He spoke of how three wards in Skegness were the ‘most socially deprived in the east coast’ and were on par with ‘bigger towns’. He said people were ‘caught in the benefit trap’ and once the season was over, they often found themselves out of work.

However, Coun Ken Milner praised Lincolnshire Regional College for its range of apprenticeship courses and said they should ‘be applauded for that’.

But Steve Kirk felt that despite the apprenticeships, there were still not ‘enough jobs to go round’.