Councillor urging people to sign petition against fuel rise

A SKEGNESS Town councillor is urging everyone in the community to sign a national petition against the Government’s proposals to increase the price of petrol by three pence.

Coun Mark Anderson said he thinks that the rise will mean less visitors will come to the area and day-trippers will decide to stay at home due to rising costs in fuel in the country.

“The rise in petrol will have a huge impact on the tourism industry in Skegness and I think this is something we all need to be concerned about,” said Coun Anderson.

“People coming here will have to think about whether they can afford over £100 on petrol for a day trip or just choose to stay at home,” he added.

During the March 2012 budget, motorists were left disappointed by Chancellor George Osbourne’s failure to drop plans to introduce a three pence a litre petrol price increase which is set hit the pumps in August.

And Coun Anderson fears it will hit Skegness hard, with the public already having to tighten budgets and weekly spends.

“We see people squeezing their budgets left, right and centre and this will hit their financial circumstances even harder. They will stop spending money on days out, treats and extras and that is something Skegness relies on being with its tourism industry being a huge part,” he added.

Coun Anderson pointed out that petrol was around the £1.40 per litre mark in Skegness and could cost nearly £6.50 per gallon at today’s prices, meaning that fuel will cost even more in August and less people could choose to make extra trips to their caravans, the cost and the area.

To view and sign the petition visit: