Councillor to promote Skegness and Lincolnshire at European conference

Coun Neil Cooper hopes to forge links promoting Skegness and Lincolnshire across Europe at a conference in Italy this weekend.
Coun Neil Cooper hopes to forge links promoting Skegness and Lincolnshire across Europe at a conference in Italy this weekend.
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A Skegness councillor hopes to forge harmonious cross-continental links, aiding trade and tourism when he speaks at a conference in Italy tomorrow.

Coun Neil Cooper will be promoting Skegness and Lincolnshire to European members of the ‘transnational network’ during this weekend’s event in the Umbrian town of Terni.

“The transnational exchanges are so important,” he will tell the conference.

“They allow us all to have the chance to sample each other’s way of life, each other’s food and tourism but more especially to give the opportunity to engage with each other, build relationships and open doors for future trade and promotion.”

The EU funded event, intended to build relationships between the participating nations, follows on from a number of cultural exchanges over recent years.

Hungarian craftsmen visited last year’s Victorian Christmas Market in Skegness, delegates from many of the nations have taken part in the SO Festival and an art exhibition featuring a number of local artists has toured throughout Europe through the transnational partnership.

Coun Cooper, who represents Burgh le Marsh and Skegness at town, district and county levels of local government has attended previous collaborative meetings in Hungary and is a strong believer in their ability to foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

“It’s all about promoting understanding, trade and tourism as well as trying to create business opportunities for young people in each of our nations by educating them about trading with other countries,” he told the Standard.

The conference will focus on five themes: young entrepreneurs; heritage, food; tourism and development in rural communities.

As well as sharing knowledge under each of these headings, Coun Cooper will also take the opportunity to promote local exporters such as Batemans Brewery and agricultural producers to the foreign delegates.

A multilingual website, promoting each of the transnational countries as a tourist destination for their fellow members to visit, will also be discussed.

“The transnational network is healthy, alive and kicking and may it continue to succeed in delivering projects, building relationships and friendships to the mutual benefit of us all and I am very proud to be associated with it,” Coun Cooper will say.