Council reluctant over 24-hour toilet

AFTER vandals caused significant damage to the public toilets in Spilsby town centre, councillors at a recent meeting were still reluctant to have them open over a 24 hour period.

As reported, in the Standard’s June 8 edition, the toilets were left out of action as result of the damage and the cost of repair was estimated to be within the £500 mark.

It was then decided that the toilets could not continue to be open for a 24 hour period which had been set up on a trial basis.

The toilets, which are owned by East Lindsey District Council, had roving CCTV camera equipment installed outside at the time but was later changed to static camera equipment so it would face both the toilets and bus shelter at all times.

However, at the town council meeting last Thursday, concerns were raised regarding the ongoing maintenance of the toilets and whether opening times could be altered to suit members of the community.

Coun Julia Pears raised concerns over a broken tap in the ladies’ toilet that needed repairing and said that people couldn’t wash their hands.

Although, the men’s toilet was described as being in good condition last week.

Coun Gill Rymer raised the point that the toilet could be reinstated as a 24 hour facility that could be accessed with a radar key.

It was thought that it would help disabled members of the community access the facilities.

However, concerns were raised about security issues after so much damage was cause back in June.

Coun Pears supported Coun Rymer’s point and said at the time there were CCTV issues but now new static cameras had be installed.

But Mayor Coun Michael Lenton said that CCTV cameras still had issues with full coverage of an area.

The toilets, which will now operate on a winter timetable, will be open 10am till 4pm but the town council has been working with ELDC to see about extending that time to either 9am till 5pm or 10am till 6pm for the winter period.

No response has been received on the matter as of yet.