Council consults youth on festival plans

Skegness Town Council will seek youthful guidance about its plans to host a music festival after initial proposals were deemed too risky.

Many councillors felt there was too much financial danger involved with inviting a touring ‘Fake Festival’ to the town and decided to ask Skegness Youth Council to investigate other options.

Speaking at last Wednesday’s meeting Coun Steve Kirk said: “I think the idea of having a music festival is a fantastic one but the Fake Festival is not viable on that site and Skegness Town Council could lose money.”

Coun Phil Kemp had invited Fake Festival organiser Jez Lee to explain the concept behind his events at November’s council meeting after gauging support for the idea on social networking sites.

He hoped councillors would agree to allocate funds to hold the festival in 2014 and was disappointed to see his project waylaid by monetary fears.

He said: “How can you lose something when you are providing a service?”

Skegness Town Council would have needed to pay £13,250 to host Fake Festivals, which it could recoup through ticket sales if at least 627 people attended, paying between £7.50 and £22 per head.

A number of councillors felt the financial risks were too great, particularly when so many tribute acts regularly performed in the town for free and questioned why the company would not cover the costs itself.

Coun Neil Cooper said: “We are the custodians of the public purse - if this was such a wonderful idea they why would the private business not put this forward without relying on the council to prop it up?”

Though wary of Fake Festivals as a franchise, most councillors felt they should do something for the town’s younger generation and supported Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke’s proposal to involve the youth council in identifying an alternative event with less financial risks.