Controversial Burgh housing plan rejected

General News.
General News.

A controversial proposal for 19 dwellings to be built at a site on the edge of Burgh le Marsh has been refused by East Lindsey councillors - against the recommendation of their own officers.

Although there was no objection to the principle of developing the application site - land off Bishop Tozer Close - planning committee members felt the proposed access would be detrimental to residents on the adjacent estate.

“It is not the job of the planning committee to make life intolerable for existing houeholders,”commented Coun Jill Makindon-Sanders.

Agreement came from Coun Jim Swanson who insisted: “It is our responsibility to look after existing residents.”

Committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper, who represents the ward, decided to be cryptic.”You don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs,” he said.

The meeting noted that this part of Burgh le Marsh is prone to flooding and is a habitat for two protected species, water voles and barn owls which hunt them as prey.

The unsuccessful applicants are Phil and Sue Capes who now have the option of lodging an appeal or of submitting a revised application with a different access route which would run alongside their own home.