Conservative candidate calls for tax reform


Conservative general election candidate for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins is calling for reform of the tax system.

Mrs Atkins was speaking to local party members following the recent controversy over tax evasion allegations concerning wealthy HSBC bank customers.

She said: “I have prosecuted many people for tax evasion and fraud. In each case, I made the point that those who evade tax are placing a greater burden on law-abiding and hard-working taxpayers who do pay taxes.

“Some people seek proper advice on how to minimise their tax bill legally, which includes investing in ISAs and pension schemes. However, the tax evasion seen in the HSBC debacle is a very different matter.

“Those who evade tax should face the full force of the law. Questions should be asked about some of the poor-value tax deals struck by HMRC. We also need to look at reforming our unnecessarily complicated tax structure as soon as possible.”