Changes in mobile home laws

New regulations protecting East Lindsey’s thousands of mobile home residents from malpractice by site owners came into effect on Sunday.

The new law removes site owners’ rights to approve the buyers of mobile homes, and includes tougher legislation to protect residents.

Local authorities will also be able to issue greater fines.

It follows last years’ government report which uncovered ‘rogue site owners’ putting off potential buyers so they could secure discounted prices.

Solicitors working with park homes residents have urged people to take note of the new regulations to avoid any possible fall-out.

Cross and Cross’s head of the park home legal team, Tim Selley, said: “With the popularity of park homes ownership increasing it’s imperative that people are aware of these new rules because the law puts a number of obligations on both the seller and buyer.

“Failure to comply with these regulations could find both parties in trouble.

“Most agreements currently in place will still be classed as ‘existing agreements’ where the site owner retains a limited role,” he added.

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