Calls to tidy Skegness eyesore

RENEWED appeals to improve a long-standing Skegness eyesore have been made by the chairman of a local political party.

The recently appointed chairman of the Skegness and Wainfleet Labour Party, Brenda Futers, first raised her concerns about the state of the disused former Wiltex factory site on Roman Bank at a Skegness Town Council meeting.

Speaking in the public session of the meeting on January 25, Mrs Futers said: “It’s a total eyesore, it’s shameful, it’s got chip board windows and doors and when you walk past it you can hear pigeons inside.”

Mrs Futers has since visited the site and noticed disposed refuse bags which she fears could give rise to a rodent problem and ‘suspect’ brickwork which may indicate structural flaws and potential health hazards.

Coun Steve O’Dare has also been alerted to the problem by one of his constituents and has raised the issue with East Lindsey District Council officers. although he conceded it may be a long time before any action was taken as the responsibility for the building rests primarily with its owner.

A spokesperson for ELDC said: “We are aware of the local concern around the former Wiltex Factory site and have been in contact with the owner asking that the site is improved.

“We will be investigating what further action can be taken by the District Council and a building inspector will also check the structural safety of the building.”