Burst pipes in drought

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A WATER company has come under fire for failing to repair burst pipes while imposing a hosepipe ban on its customers.

Skegness resident Colin Barnett felt that Anglian Water was very slow in fixing two recent leaks in Addlethorpe and Chapel St Leonards.

He has accused the company of wasting water and bill-payers’ money during a record-breaking period of drought in which it has urged customers to conserve supplies.

The underground leak by Addlethorpe traffic lights has now been repaired and Anglian Water has attributed the delay to a ‘difficult’ road lay-out above, whereas the leak identified in Chapel St Leonards is thought to be the responsibility of a business.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water explained that leaks are an inevitability, even in times of drought, but are always repaired as quickly as possible. For some repairs, much of the work is performed out of sight, giving the impression that nothing is happening, when, in fact it is, they added.