Burgh windmill’s cap and sails to be back ‘by May’


Dobson’s Mill in Burgh le Marsh will be back in working order by May - the Burgh le Marsh Heritage Group has revealed.

Treasurer Malcolm Ringsell made the announcement following the removal of the mill’s cap last week.

The removal of the cap on January 20 followed the removal of the mill’s sails late last year.

A millwright is busy working on repairs and replacement parts and, all going well, the Heritage Group hopes to see the mill back in ‘full’ working order by mid to late Spring.

A weather proof temporary cap has been put in place on the top of the mill in the interim to protect the rest of the building from the elements.

“The people of Burgh will be able to see the sails on their iconic building turning again sometime during the summer - hopefully by May, depending upon the time needed for completing the repairs now that the cap is removed,” said Malcolm.

“The Granary tearooms continue to be open every Sunday afternoon and the volunteers will welcome visitors to the mill itself from late March onwards,” he added.

The repairs to return the mill to demonstration work are being undertaken by the county council in in partnership with the Burgh le Marsh Heritage Group.

The operation to remove the cap started early in the morning of January 22, when the millwright attached chains, straps and pulleys to prepare a cradle for the cap. At noon the delicate move to lift the cap from its position by crane began. Slowly the cap rose into the air. almost ten tons in weight, before being gently lowered and removed.