Burgh considers twinning links with Hungarian town

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AN OFFER to develop European relationships with Hungary has been made to the chairman of the Burgh Le Marsh Twinning Committee.

As part of the expanding transnational network promoting harmonious links with European partners, the Hungarian town of Hangony has expressed an interest in twinning with Burgh.

Twinning Committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper said: “I need to ask the public whether there is any interest in this and adding to our existing twinned town of Beau Mont Sur Sarthe in France.

“Twinning helps to promote the better understanding of other places and cultures and the way they live their lives and that can only lead to more tolerance of one another.

“It also helps to establish relationships and build friendships.”

Burgh has been twinned with its French town since 1985 and the twinning committee enjoy regular visits over there and hosting return visits to Burgh.

Local businesses have also been able to establish foreign export opportunities, with Batemans brewery now stocked in the French town.

Although Hungary does initially appear to be a more distant neighbour than France Coun Cooper explained it is only a 2hr 30min flight costing approximately £200 from Luton Airport.

Having visited the country himself to represent Lincolnshire at a European seminar Coun Cooper has also expressed his appreciation of Hungary and its people.

“Because it was a communist country until 1990, it is like going back in time 20 years.

“The people are not so consumer driven or selfish as many Western nations.”

l If you are interested in twinning with Hangony contact Coun Cooper on 01754 810131.