Bride’s delight after kind-hearted offer

Sarah and Mark Fayers were joined by friends and family on their wedding day. (Photo supplied)
Sarah and Mark Fayers were joined by friends and family on their wedding day. (Photo supplied)

THE KINDNESS of friends, family and colleagues helped to make a beautiful bride and her fiance’s dreams come true when they married recently.

Sarah Owen, who works as an entertainer, was generously given the venue for her reception, a delicious buffet spread, the honeymoon suite and a classic cadillac car to use on the day by generous landlord Paul Evans of The Windmill Hotel Pub in Alford.

“I would just like to express my thanks to Paul, I couldn’t believe he gave us all that as a wedding present,” said Sarah.

Sarah married her husband Mark Sayers at Louth Registry Office and says she has known Mark for eight years but they’ve been a couple for a year.

“So many people have come together to make this day possible; we were struggling to pay for everything because weddings are so expensive and our friends, family and even colleagues have rallied around to help us,” added Sarah.

The pair who live in Sloothby near Alford, were also kindly provided the music and entertainment for free courtesy of their friend Adam Williams.

And, Sarah’s niece, Frederica, known as ‘Freds’, Oliver was said to have spent lots of money on the couple to help make it a special day.

“My niece Freds, who was my maid of honour, helped with so much and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for everything she did,” explained Sarah.

The couple said it was a ‘fantastic day’ and couldn’t have been more ‘lovely’. Also special thanks went to Paul for all his help and the gifts came completely out of the blue for Sarah, who has only been working with Paul since December.

“It just touches your heart strings knowing how kind people are and have been to us,” Sarah added.

Paul Evans said: “I wish the couple every success and I am glad they had such a wonderful day. It was my pleasure to offer them the pub for the reception, buffet, suite and use of the car to help make it a special day.”