Breaking News: GAME buyer close to deal, reports

The Game store in Skegness.
The Game store in Skegness.
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BELEAGUERED UK chain GAME may be close to finding a buyer, gaming site MCV has reported.

Game Group, which operates a store in Skegness, went into administration on Monday as a result of crippling debts.

Over 275 of its 609 UK shops closed their doors immediately after that announcement, with the lost of just over 2,100 jobs.

But the remaining 300+ stores, of which Skegness is one, have continued to operate in the hope a buyer can be found.

Now it seems that the company could potentially exit administration as early as Friday.

MCV said that a consortium led by The Royal Bank of Scotland is “incredibly close” to a deal to takeover the store and prevent further job losses and store closures.