Bicker Fen site chosen for grid connection


A National Grid study backed the decision to choose Bicker Fen for a substation to connect an offshore wind farm.

The report considered the merits of 17 different sites and highlights Bicker Fen as the best location. The village was chosen for the development as part of the RWE Innogy’s Triton Knoll wind farm. It was felt Bicker Fen, with underground cabling through Lincolnshire, offered the most economic, efficient and coordinated solution with least environmental impact. A connection at Killingholme, would have cost £128 million more than Bicker Fen, requiring an extra 10km of cables and an additional large substation.

Jacob Hain, Triton Knoll project manager, said: “Bicker Fen was identified as the best option to connect Triton Knoll offshore wind farm to the national grid.”

The development still includes an Intermediate Electrical Compound, to be sited near Orby to improve the system’s efficiency.