Belt and braces approach to our county’s history

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A NEW book takes people back to the golden age of growing up in the county in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Lincolnshire Belt & Braces is by Bryan Walmsley of Alford. He had a stroke four years ago, and to help him recover his wife Alice quizzed him about all the things that had happened in the past.

This led to him writing the book about life in the Wolds and Marshes from 1936 to 1957.

He reminisces about the war, visits to his grandparents in Pump Square, Candlesby – “Granny and grandad lived in one of the whitewashed cottages, surrounding the yard. It was so tiny, every nook and cranny was filled with furniture and knick-knacks. A curtain in the living room hid the ladder, by which they climbed up to the two attic bedrooms” – and moving to a new house in Willoughby with electric lighting.

One year his father won a pig at the village garden fete in a bowling game.

“It is difficult sometimes to remember what a wonderful prize this was for ordinary people to win. A whole pig would keep our family in meat for nearly a year!

“Today’s children will never know the excitement of pig killing time and taking a pigs fry round to share with the neighbours and, very often, in return, being given sixpence to spend in the village shop, on sweets.”

l Lincolnshire Belt & Braces is on sale for £3.95 at Wrights in Eastgate, Louth, White’s garage in Willoughby, Callaby’s grocery shop in Alford, Perkins in Horncastle or by calling 01507 466674.