Batemans Brewery sees sales boost for its Black and White ale


Sales of one of the latest beers to be launched by Wainfleet family brewer Batemans - Black and White - have more than doubled.

Launched for Batemans’ 140th anniversary, latest figures show that 126 barrels have been sold, 81 of which were sold to pub companies outside Lincolnshire.

Available solely by cask, it is described as a dark, rich and creamy beer, brimming with fruity flavours and nutty overtones from the charred black Yorkshire malt, a full-bodied beer with an ABV of 3.6 per cent packed with roasted, crunchy biscuit character and subtle Challenger hops.

Managing director, Stuart Bateman said: “Black and White has proved very popular, sales have rocketed and we’re confident they will continue to rise over the summer.”